If you are a new or used car dealership who does full auto reconditioning ,new car protection packages or hand washes and you're struggling to get good employees to know the proper procedures to perform these tasks. WE CAN HELP.

If you are an automotive business who does basic hand washes and clean ups, we can show you or your employees how to do these tasks better and more efficiently .WE CAN HELP.

If you are weekend enthusiast looking for more knowledge on how to properly care for your personal car or prep your show car for a weekend out. WE CAN HELP.

We can tailor make a class for your specific needs, if your a experienced detailer who needs some help in particular areas or never detailed before. WE CAN HELP with a half day seminar, a full day, or a two-day full auto reconditioning class WE CAN HELP.

For more information Call Rick at the       ULTIMATE AUTO DETAIL.