Procedures When Washing your Car

  • Make sure the entire vehicle is in shade.
  • Make sure all surfaces are cool to touch.
  • Mix wash solution in first bucket using Wash 'N Wax or Car Wash Soap. Never use dish soap! Second bucket for rinsing a wash mitt.
  • Spray the entire vehicle with a water hose nozzle to remove loose contaminants.
  • Gather wash solution in a mitt and begin washing vehicle from the top down.Try washing up and down or vertically.
  • Rinse vehicle as needed.
  • Rinse mitt frequently in a bucket of plain water after washing each section.
  • Re-gather wash solution and continue until you have washed the entire vehicle and rinsed.
  • Remove nozzle from hose, and let water flow across all surfaces. This rinsing technique will cause water to sleet off the paint surface cutting down on drying time.
  • Never wash without taking the time to dry! Water spots De value your vehicle, also water spots are very difficult to remove.
  • Open doors, trunk and hood to dry these areas.
  • Clean wiper blades weekly with glass cleaner. 
  • Remember the factory clear coat paint will scratch and mar because of its soft nature. Keep that wash mitt cleaned out as you wash the vehicle, this washing technique will cut down on swirls and scuffing on your vehicles finish.












Park in the garage or under a carport whenever possible. U.V rays and other conditions from Mother Nature can be very harmful to your automobiles finish.


I know this is Oregon, but try not to park under trees. Tree sap and bird droppings can be very acidic and can permanently damage your automobiles paint. Always wash as soon as possible after being exposed to these elements.


Stay away from sprinklers. Whether at home or at work water sitting and drying on your car especially if it's warm can cause severe water spotting. Removing mineral deposits can be very difficult.


Proper hand washing is best. Brushless car washes are o.k. Machine car washes can leave scratches in your cars finish. I do not recommend machine car washes.


Regular vacuuming and dusting of your interior will keep dirt from getting ground in , prematurely wearing your upholstery.


It’s a good idea to have a regular maintenance plan with the ULTIMATE AUTO DETAIL. Just like changing your oil. It will keep the value of your automobile up and looking great.